Mindfulness, Ireland’s Modern Spirituality, Consciousness, Finding Truth Within

Ireland has opened its mind in a modern approach to spirituality: Mindfulness & Consciousness 2017

The mindset of people towards spirituality has changed significantly in the past decade. Mindfulness has become a buzz word and an accepted mode of well being both in the corporate sector and in ones personal life. Mindfulness offers much needed respite from the stress of life and enhances clarity and focus to peoples daily lives. The simple activity of developing ones awareness of the moment finds it’s roots in ancient Buddhist meditation practices and is largely replacing more traditional ways of finding peace and solace such as going to mass.

By developing awareness it affords a more personal connection to ones own experience of life outside of the confines of institutional religious ideals as it is not loaded with any dogmatic thinking.

It’s easy to argue over concepts and idea’s about God and the likes, but one can’t argue with ones experience that comes from delving deep into ones consciousness, which we are all entitled to do and ones experience does not make an others experience less credible. In the process of self inquiry the experiences we have are the fabric of innate wisdom rather than just learned information.

Over recent decades there has been a lot of scientific research gathered from monitoring the positive changes in ones brain waves as a result of mindfulness mediation using FMRI and EEG instruments which directly observe brain physiology and neural activity. In ones personal life the attraction to mindfulness is to seek more calmness and sense of connection that is felt deeper within ones life that seems to serve the modern seeker more than a the comfort blanket of a belief system.

As a result of mindfulness we seem better able to cope with what life throws at us and we have an increased ability to stay grounded and centred. There is a celebration that is happening around us and it is called “Life”. In Ireland particularly we have a certain degree of conditioning from the church that life is almost to be endured in the promise of an cosmic eternal happiness in the sky and although this concept can help us live through and tolerate our miseries it somehow falls short of embracing the miracle of life in the moment.

Surely the universe is a positively better place when people are feeling happy and celebrating this miraculous existence we all share? The new modern paradigm that we are becoming more aware of can be found in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts from where mindfulness meditation finds it’s origin. Within each moment if we turn our minds in the right direction we will find meaning, purpose and “heaven” within our daily lives.

In our current multi-cultural societies the healthy way forward will be a celebration of the oneness of humanity rather than a marginalisation of people based on whether thay have subscribed to a belief system or not. An eradication of belief systems would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water, rather the transformation will need to shift from “tolerance” which religions advocate to “acceptance” which is the language of peace and harmony in the world.

An event that is tapping into this zeitgeist in Ireland is Conscious Concert at the RDS each spring time.  conscious-networking-visionaries-ireland-leaders-business-mindfulness-concert-future-enda-donnellan-mary-rose-orahilly-lynda-kiernan-conscious-motherhood-coaching-aisling-fitzgibbon-girl-against-flourideGoing into it’s fourth year the event is fulfilling the needs of an Irish public seeking mindful spirituality outside of religious belief systems. Producer Enda Donnellan says “The Concert is about celebrating everything mindful…… meditation, ambient music and thought provoking wisdom speakers from around the world. Honouring peoples individual journey in life is what is most important. We all have a unique way of looking at life and the Concert is about bringing people together in our shared humanity and creating an event that aids each of us finding our own truth and experience”
The international line-up was launched this week and has voice and sound expert Jill Purce as the guest speaker. She has facilitated people for over 40 years on how to be more mindful with their voice and how to tap into it’s inherent power. Youtube viral conscious comedian JP Sears is there as a reminder to not take life so seriously. There is sacred music from Tibet from Manish Shresthra and Pol Brennan of Clannad and friends will be doing a musical story telling of the myths of Ireland and their sacred significance in our lives.

Article by Rev. Enda Donnellan | Interfaith Minister Ireland, Osteopath, Conscious & Mindfulness Event Organiser: WinterSolstice.ie | EarthFest.ie

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