Love, Awareness and Our Modern Needs for Mindfulness and Spirituality

The spiritual needs of Irish people have very much shifted in recent years. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, retreats, celebration of solstices and other turning points in the calendar have become accepted healthy activities in our Love, awareness and our modern spiritual needs, dancing dervish sun mindfulness celebrationsociety. This growing interest and need had stemmed from a shifting in awareness towards more expansive and inclusive approaches to spirituality. We are reaching for books that open our minds to many new age perspectives and ancient wisdom that have become more accessible to us today. We are more open to the messages of many traditions and also find that they reinforce, support and deepen our own understandings of what we already know.
When we hear, read and understand profound truths it resonates not just in our heads but also somewhere deep within us.

Because we now have the power to annihilate every living creature on this planet with the push of a button, more and more compassion, acceptance of each other and healing is needed in the world.

Our spirituality now demands that we move beyond mere beliefs to a place of understanding and wisdom. This understanding and wisdom are born from a direct experience and connection to ourselves. Our truth then actually comes from a place of “knowing” because we felt, seen , heard or tasted it for ourselves…… otherwise our beliefs are just someone else’s experience and we are just followers of their experience.

As we piece together the world of many sacred traditions and religions it becomes apparent that the vast majority of them say the same thing. Love is the binding force and the energy that unites all living creatures.

Unless we develop the sense of love and acceptance for all of the humanity we will just be reinforcing our sense of separateness in the world which leads to feelings of depression, loneliness and isolation.

Opening to our direct experience of love (which comes from our hearts and is not dependent on an external lover or friend) brings us home to peace and healing where our lives open to new meaning and a shared communion with all things great and small.

Article by Rev. Enda Donnellan | Interfaith Minister Ireland, Osteopath, Conscious & Mindfulness Event Organiser: |

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