Mindfulness of Death, Immortality, Going Beyond the Illusion

“…If life is the voice of love, death cannot take it away…”

An excerpt from the conversation between Aaravindha Himadra (2015 Conscious Concert Mindfulness celebration headline speaker) and Immortal Master Nil’Amma Tara (amarpura Valley, India) | Source Aaravindha’s 2013 Book: ‘Immortal Self – A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Immortal Masters’ | amazon)


Aaravinhda Himadra: …I added: “ breaking free of the cycle of rebirth to reclaim eternal life isn’t so
easily accomplished.”

Nil’Amma Tara replied: “Ending the deception of death is only possible if the grip that is strangling the heart is released . This begins in sacrificing all trivial pursuits and attending to the higher purpose. Quell the bidding of the ever thirsty ego. The way is found in receiving the Will of the Supreme Self as the only true motivation. Many will say “come eat this, or do this if you wish to live a long and happy life. ‘And these things may lengthen a life, extending it a few more moments, but regardless death will still come. Love is the only way to conquer it! If life is the voice of love, death cannot take it away. Uncover this mystery, remove the shadows that bind in life. Remove what possesses, cast aside the need to possess and then the task is nearly done. Then become what this world is praying for. The Mother will stand by you and She will say – now you are ready, enter my heart, drink of eternal life – no more splashing about”

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