Mindfilness As a Fresh Wave of Experiencing Spirituality

More and more people are turning to the path of experiencing rather than believing. Like many mystics who have roamed the Earth – the New Age quest is an old age quest…..that is to seek the truth for oneself. Turning away from dogmatic religion, people more and more are seeking out those paths/traditions that bring them closer to the experience of Spirit for themselves (rather than mere blind faith) and mindfulness is quickly becoming of them.

This path that most people are waking up to involves a fuller integration of all that we are. Physical wellbeing is honoured as much as spiritual and mental wellbeing. With the gradual reduction of mass denial, we are realising that the way we are relating to the Earth is unsustainable. Vegetarianism is now not just a healthy choice but more and more seen as being consciously compassionate to Earth’s energies.

Eastern influenced classes like Yoga and meditation are bringing us back to ourselves, our truth and our body. We are are a vessel of divine love. Angle cards, crystals, breath-work workshops, inclusive spiritual / non-denomination ceremonies and the arrival of many guest inspirational speakers from around the globe is bringing spiritual variety and helping the people of this country realise that they can consciously be in direct contact with Spirit for themselves.

There is a huge movement in our national spiritual orientation towards Shamanism also.  More people are visiting sacred sites such as Tara, Newgrange, Loughcrew, Uishneach armed with a drum and rattle, summoning the elements and our earth mother and father sky.

We founded Conscious Concerts to honour this huge shift in spiritual needs.  The concerts are weaving these elements of modern day spirituality, drawing on Divine wisdom both old and new.
A Conscious Concert is a one day bathing of the spirit mind and body in a spiritual pool of deep love, wisdom and self-empowerment.
The line-up is always thought provoking, spiritually refreshing and heart warming.

A Fresh Wave of Experiencing Spirituality is Coming to Ireland
Article by Rev. Enda Donnellan | Interfaith Minister Ireland, Osteopath, Conscious & Mindfulness Event Organiser: WinterSolstice.ie | EarthFest.ie


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